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[audio]Making History By Making Maps - Shaping San Francisco
Nicole Gluckstern and Burrito Justice trace the lines of their literary history mapping project (Bikes to Books) and map-making, and are joined by historical geographer Dick Walker co-author of the fantastic project The Atlas of California: Mapping the Challenge of a New Era. 
Keywords: maps; literary history; writers; bikes to books; Atlas of California; cartography; mapmaking
[audio]A History of LGBTQ Spaces . . . Where you Least Expect Them - Shaping San Francisco
At the outset of the LGBTQ History Month of October, a group of distinguished historians come together to orient us to queer historic sites and events in the city. They reflect on those that have been torn down and what it means that these centers of community are missing, and present a sampling of the many still extant social, cultural, and sexual spaces, and why these places are critical components of LGBTQ history...
Keywords: public space; social amnesia; redevelopment; place; forgetting; gay history; GLBTQ history; forgotten buildings and places
Downloads: 22
[audio]No Future At College Sept 24 2014 01 - Shaping San Francisco
A discussion among adjunct faculty (aka temp teachers), City College of San Francisco advocates and defenders, and Student Debt activists—how to understand the current neoliberal-imposed crisis in higher education, and what is a future worth fighting for?With Joe Berry of COCAL, Christian Nagler from the recent unionizing success at the San Francisco Art Institute, Wendy Kaufmyn and Lalo Gonzalez from CCSF. 
Keywords: adjuncts; temporary teaching; visiting faculty; City College of San Francisco; ACCJC; student debt; CCSF; debt strike; unions; SEIU; COCAL; New Faculty Majority
Downloads: 18
[audio]The Evolving Eastern Shoreline - Shaping San Francisco
Shaping San Francisco's Chris Carlsson provides an historic tour of the eastern shoreline from its days as tidal mudflats and open sewers crisscrossed by piers and wharves to its new incarnation as a site of ecological restoration and recreation. Anthony Khalilof Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) offers a special look at creating a revitalized Candlestick shoreline including habitat restoration and community engagement, while interpreting the wonders of the Franciscan bioregion’s e...
Keywords: shoreline; landfill; hills; mudflats; wetlands; swamps; San Francisco; Telegraph Hill; Mission Bay; Rincon Hill; Irish Hill; Hunter's Point; India Basin; Heron's Head Park; Islais Creek; Mission Creek; Mission Bay; Yosemite Creek; Yosemite Slough; Candlestick Point; Literacy for Environmental Justice
Downloads: 20
[audio]Vivian Chang on Laotian Oakland-Richmond Connections - Shaping San Francisco
APEN organizer Vivian Chang describes political organizing among the Laotian communities in Richmond and Oakland.
Keywords: APEN; organizing; Laotian; Oakland; Richmond; environmental justice
Downloads: 13
[audio]Pamela Chang APEN - Shaping San Francisco
Pamela Chang discusses Laotian community and APEN organizing.
Keywords: APEN; Asian Pacific Environmental Network; environmental justice; Laotian community; Richmond
Downloads: 9
[audio]Vivian Chang on EJN and APEN - Shaping San Francisco
Vivian Chang narrates how the Asian Pacific Environmental Network was founded after activists attended the first Environmental Justice conference in the early 1990s.
Keywords: APEN; Asian Pacific Environmental Network; environmental justice
Downloads: 13
[audio]San Francisco's Ghadar Party Heritage: 100 Years of Radical South Asian American History - Shaping San Francisco
In 1913, students, farmers, and roaming revolutionaries working to free India from British colonial rule came together to form the Ghadar Party, to organize mutiny in India and work towards a secular world of economic and social justice. The party, headquartered in San Francisco collaborated with a variety of Bay Area based freethinkers, labor activists, anarchists, and expats of colonized nations...
Keywords: India; British empire; Ghadar; colonialism; networked movements; Irish liberation; IWW; Punjabi; UC Berkeley
Downloads: 18
[audio]Kosek Political Economy Of Bees May 14 2014 - Shaping San Francisco
The plight of pollinators - in particular the honey bee - under the combined stresses of capital and empire, is considered from an unusual perspective. Jake Kosek, a farmer, radical geographer, and apiarist, discusses his researches into 'political entomology', specifically the use of bees as material and metaphor by the US military (foraging for landmines, anti-terrorism weapons).
Keywords: bees; swarming; military; agribusiness; nature; technology; economics
Downloads: 25
[audio]Dogs Density And Natural Areas May 7 2014 - Shaping San Francisco
Join us for a moderated panel about the issues associated with human density and respectful dog ownership in San Francisco. After decades of looking the other way, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area is proposing to limit off-leash activity to select portions of its lands. Commercial dog walkers and some animal rights groups are opposing this change, and have threatened the extreme measure of dismantling the national park altogether...
Keywords: dogs; habitat; species; leashes; off-leash; GGNRA; National Areas; Recreation and Park Department; park management
Downloads: 11
[audio]Yolanda Lopez, Judy Drummond, Donna Amador - Shaping San Francisco
Yolanda Lopez, Judy Drummond and Donna Amador cover the dynamic history of Los Siete de la Raza and Mission District politics of the 1970s. Yolanda dissects the popular iconography of the Virgin of Guadalupe in the context of racially exploitative advertising over the past few decades, to reveal her own creative processes that have produced beautiful "Virgin"-inspired representations of working Chicana women and more.
Keywords: Los Siete; Mission District; 1960s; Third World; San Francisco State; Basta Ya!; Centro de Salud; food programs; political organizing; Los Siete de la Raza
Downloads: 23
[audio]Upton Sinclair/End Poverty in California - Shaping San Francisco
Lauren Coodley’s new biography of Sinclair dubs him a “California Socialist, Celebrity Intellectual”. She sheds light on his remarkable life as the writer who exposed the meatpacking industry in The Jungle, the depradations of the oil industry, the wrongful prosecutions of Sacco and Vanzetti as well as the Wobblies, but Coodley reveals a previously under-appreciated side of Sinclair: his feminism. Jay Martin joins the discussion to focus on Sinclair’s momentous 1934 California guberna...
Keywords: Upton Sinclair; feminism; EPIC; End Poverty in California; 1934 Governor's race; California politics; suffrage; temperance; prohibition
Downloads: 24
[audio]Urban Agriculture Urban Nature - Shaping San Francisco
In a recent Earth Island Journal interview, Michael Pollan notes a question underlying his work, "How do you think through this relationship in the messy places where nature and culture have to engage with one another?" As urban dwellers, how do we decide what to do with our open spaces, our sidewalks, our schoolyards, our vacant lots? Do we use them to grow food, tend natives, allow wild spaces to exist? These choices require different skill bases (growing soil vs...
Keywords: urban agriculture; farming; community gardens; horticulture; habitat; urban permaculture; permaculture; wild; weeds; species; wildlife; corridors
Downloads: 50
[audio]Nawrocki--Cazzarola! - Shaping San Francisco
Cazzarola! is a gripping, epic, political, historical, and romantic novel spanning 130 years in the life of the Discordias, a fictional family of Italian anarchists. It details the family's heroic, multigenerational resistance to fascism in Italy and their ongoing involvement in the anarchist movement. From early 20th-century factory strikes and occupations, armed anarchist militias, and attempts on Mussolini's life, to postwar student and labor protest, and confronting the newest wave of conte...
Keywords: anarchism; Italy; Mussolini; love story; anti-fascism
Downloads: 11
[audio]Stop, Thief! The Commons, Enclosures, and Resistance - Shaping San Francisco
In this majestic tour de force, celebrated historian Peter Linebaughtakes aim at the thieves of land, polluters of the seas, ravagers of the forests, despoilers of rivers, and removers of mountaintops. Scarcely a society has existed on the face of the earth that has not had commoning at its heart. "Neither the state nor the market," say the planetary commoners. Linebaugh kindles the embers of memory like few other historians of our time to ignite our future commons...
Keywords: commons; enclosures; England; 1790s; Ned Ludd; Queen Mab; industrialization; wage-slavery; commoning; William Blake; Tom Paine
Downloads: 57
[audio]Saltworks And Shorelines - Shaping San Francisco
Cris Benton has used kite photography to document the surprisingly beautiful “saltscapes” of the South Bay, while Matthew Booker’s Down By the Bay is one of the best recent histories of the long, complicated, and contradictory relationship of urbanizing humans and the amazing inland estuary we enjoy as the Bay. 
Keywords: Bay; San Francisco Bay; Bay Area; shorelines; salt ponds; reclamation; marshes; wetlands; salt industry; chemical industry; restoration; suburbia; sea walls; levees
Downloads: 36
[audio]Design Radicals: Berkeley 1960s and Today - Shaping San Francisco
As San Francisco emerged as the hub of counterculture pilgrimage routes in the late-1960s, radical politics and social change galvanized design ideals in Berkeley. The East Bay became the site of bold experiments in graphic arts, environmental activism, handcraft pedagogy, and self-build technologies. Fast forward to 2011 and the creation of the local hub PLACE for Sustainable Living in Oakland, a center linking our radical past to the resilient future, as it fosters many of the same ideals. Gr...
Keywords: architecture; design; ecology; emergence; integration; holism; urban nature; geodesic domes; Sym Van der Ryn; Berkeley; Oakleyville; PLACE for Sustainability
Downloads: 25
[audio]Biodiversity City February 5 2014 - Shaping San Francisco
As Biophilic Cities are becoming a part of international consciousness, urban spaces are adding green roofs and elevated walking paths that traverse urban canopies, even daylighting creeks. How does San Francisco fit into all this? Could San Francisco could become a City of Biodiversity? Do we use the great work done by other cities as inspiration to celebrate our relationship with the natural world, or in friendly competition with them to become the “greenest”? How can San Franciscans bette...
Keywords: biodiversity; species; habitats; nature; nature in the city; urban nature; flowers; butterflies; creeks
Downloads: 14
[audio]Songs Of Freedom celebration - Shaping San Francisco
Songs of Freedom is the name of the songbook edited by James Connolly and published in 1907. Connolly's introduction is better known than the collection for which it was written, containing his oft-quoted maxim: “Until the movement is marked by the joyous, defiant singing of revolutionary songs, it lacks one of the most distinctive marks of a popular revolutionary movement, it is the dogma of a few and not the faith of the multitude.” Though most of the songs were of Irish derivation, the s...
Keywords: Ireland; Scotland; England; New York; revolutionary songs; Irish socialism; Scottish socialism; James Connolly; nationalism
Downloads: 47
[audio]Latinos At The Golden Gate Jan 15 2014 - Shaping San Francisco
Latin American migrants have been part of San Francisco’s story since its beginning. Charting the development of a hybrid Latino identity forged through struggle--latinidad--from the Gold Rush through the civil rights era, Tomás Summers Sandoval describes the rise of San Francisco’s diverse community of Latin American migrants, giving a panoramic pespective on the transformation of a multinational, multi-generational population that is today a visible, cohesive, and politically active com...
Keywords: Latino; Latina; Chicano; Chicana; Hispanic; San Francisco; North Beach; Mission; MCO; Mexican-American; Salvadoran; Nicaraguan
Downloads: 39
[audio]Remembering Los Siete Dec 4 2013 - Shaping San Francisco
The seven young men who became iconic heroes of San Francisco's left and Latino political ferment in the 1970s were eventually acquitted of murder. While the campaign to defend them led to an explosion of social organizing, we know little about how these men's lives developed in the years that followed, losing track of real people in the mists of political legitimacy and hero-worship.Vero Majano takes a look at what happened to Los Siete in the decades since the famous trial, and gives us a cha...
Keywords: Los Siete; La Raza; Latino; San Francisco; Mission; 1970s; New Left; brown power; daily life; Irish; Italians; gentrification
Downloads: 17
[audio]Literary North Mission Nov 13 2013 - Shaping San Francisco
Art & Politics: Literary Treasures of the North MissionPoets, painters, writers, and other cultural and literary denizens of the single-room-occupancy hotels of the North Mission, especially the Royan, the Crown, the Albion, and others, will be remembered, regaled, and recited. San Francisco Poet Laureate Alejandro Murguia reminisces and recites, bringing in literary heroes of the past decades.
Keywords: Literary San Francisco; poets; poetry; Valencia; 16th Street; North Mission; Royan Hotel; Albion Hotel; Jack Micheline; Harold Norse
Downloads: 15
[audio]Confronting Cultural Genocide Nov 7 2013 - Shaping San Francisco
Doesn't European and American history in San Francisco begin with genocide? What does this mean in practice? Today, we have the chance to talk with people who descend from some of those who lived here before 1775, when Europeans arrived. We can't change what happened, but history is ongoing, including assumptions we hold today. What can we learn about San Francisco, the US, Europe, the Ohlone and Native America from this dialogue? Can "we" change who "we" are? The Ohlone Profiles Project wants...
Keywords: Ohlone; Native Americans; genocide; survival; Alcatraz; American Indians; Indian peoples; termination policy
Downloads: 22
[audio]Liberation Biology Oct 30 2013 - Shaping San Francisco
Who are we, and what is our place in the world of the living? The Modern Synthesis of Biology, much of it conceived and incubated in the San Francisco Bay Area, has become a conceptual steel trap dictating much of what we do not only with our ecosystems, but also with our economy, our politics and our very selves. Liberation Biology proposes a critical approach to the deep roots of our understanding of the living...
Keywords: Biology; physics; central dogma; dna; code; gene; debunking
Downloads: 44
[audio]Unsettlers: El Cabe - Shaping San Francisco
In Adriana Camarena's new work the most precarious residents of the Mission are the central storytellers. In this, the latest presentation of her ongoing work-in-progress, she tells the story of El Cabe, accompanied by Los Alegres del Bajio. Her project covers a range of historic tales of Californian daily life: Indigenous migrants on their day off from construction or cooking on the line, watch movies inside their shared group apartments...
Keywords: migration; border; desert crossing; Guadalajara; Los Angeles; Mexico; Cesar Chavez; trust; storytelling
Downloads: 34
[audio]Indigenous Prehistory - Shaping San Francisco
Imagine a time when the land that we know as the Franciscan Peninsula extended out to the Farallones and mastodons and tigers roamed freely. Imagine small seasonal villages along waterways engaged in trading across the bay, and tule canoes making the journey. Park Historian Breck Parkman will share his extensive research into the prehistory of the Bay Area, and Malcolm Margolin (Heyday Books, The Ohlone Way) joins in with his years of exploring the indigenous history of the region. Mary Je...
Keywords: indigenous; ohlone; Bay Area; pre-urban; pre-Spanish; prehistory
Downloads: 43
[audio]Red Army Faction history - Shaping San Francisco
Co-editor J. Smith of the three-volume documentary history of the emblematic urban guerrillas will be in town to discuss his work, the life, times and enduring relevance of the RAF."A fascinating history of the German revolutionary left in the 1970s and 1980s. It powerfully situates the RAF within a broader orbit of revolutionary politics and world events. It gives us the inside story of how militants did and might engage with police, prisons, informants, media and one another in the context of ...
Keywords: RAF; Red Army Faction; Revolutionary Cells; Carlos; PFLP; terrorism; 1970s; Germany; 1980s; Red Brigades; autonomism; anti-nuclear movement
Downloads: 82
[audio]Radical Archiving and Cataloguing as Social History - Shaping San Francisco
What role do nontraditional archives play in the preservation and interpretation of peoples' history? This open discussion will explore some of the opportunities and challenges of radical repositories. Some of the issues that will be addressed include:What defines a radical archive?What can be productive relations between community-based or independent archives and more established (and establishment) institutions?What tools and processes are making it easier to document, catalog, and share oppo...
Keywords: archives; history; historiography; silence; digital media; paper; books; newspapers; formats; storage; collections; stuff
Downloads: 40
[audio]Bay Bridge Sept 11 2013 - Shaping San Francisco
Chris Carlsson presents a historic look at the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, how it has changed over time, going from two-way traffic on the top deck (3 lanes in each direction) with trains and trucks on the lower deck, to today's new span. The history of automobility surrounding the bridge, and the many other schemes to build more bridges and crisscross San Francisco with high-speed freeways shows the context of the Bridge.....
Keywords: Bay Bridge; freeways; Freeway Revolt; Southern Crossing; infrastructure
Downloads: 40
[audio]Stop 4 Komotion - Shaping San Francisco
Bending Over Backwards Audio Tour Stop 4: Komotion International, an underground music and performance space at 2779 16th Street, c. 1986-97.
Keywords: punk; performance; Mission District; San Francisco; 1980s; 1990s; Robin Ballinger; Sasha Lilly
Downloads: 37
[audio]Stop 3 Bryant And Alameda W Jesse - Shaping San Francisco
Bending Over Backwards Audio Walking Tour Stop 3: The Vats, breweries, Hostess Bakery and more...
Keywords: The Vats; punk; beer; breweries; Hostess Twinkies
Downloads: 134
[audio]Stop 4 Komotion - Shaping San Francisco
Bending Over Backwards Audio Tour: Stop 4: Komotion International, an underground music and performance space at 2779 16th Street, 1986-1997.
Keywords: music; punk; world beat; Robin Ballinger; Sasha Lilly; Komotion; 1980s; 1990s; San Francisco
Downloads: 23
[audio]Stop 2 Leathermen - Shaping San Francisco
Bending Over Backwards Audio Tour: Stop 2: Leathermen in SOMA
Keywords: gay; homosexual; leather; leathermen; Stud; leather bars
Downloads: 43
[audio]Stop 1 Sugarworks And Wetlands - Shaping San Francisco
Bending Over Backwards Audio Tour: Stop 1: Gordon's sugar works, surrounding wetlands, butchertown and more.
Keywords: sugarworks; George Gordon; butchertown; sand dunes; steam paddy; wetlands
Downloads: 50
[audio]Stop 5 16th and Capp - Shaping San Francisco
Bending Over Backwards Audio Tour: Stop 5: The Redstone Building, former Labor Temple.
Keywords: labor; Labor Temple; Redstone Building; Painters Union; Dow Wilson; CAMP; murals
Downloads: 34
[audio]Stop 6 16th and Hoff - Shaping San Francisco
Bending Over Backwards Audio Tour: Stop 6, The Gartland Pit
Keywords: arson; fire; gentrification; 1970s; Misson; Valencia; Gartland Pit
Downloads: 53
[audio]Talking About Science And Ecology in Public - Shaping San Francisco
Join a challenging conversation some have dubbed "environmental communications in the Anthropocene" to discuss the problems with presenting complex ecological information publicly. Rose Aguilar from KALW's Your Call radio, Brent Plater of the Wild Equity Institute, and environmental scientist and climate change activist Azibuike Akaba discuss and debate issues of scientific literacy, critical thinking, basic education, attention spans, buzzwords, guest selection, framing and definition of scient...
Keywords: Environmentalism; ecology; anthropocene; communications; meaning; language; memes; propaganda; science; critical thinking; literacy
Downloads: 61
[audio]"We are not machines!" The Situation and Struggles of the iSlaves in China - Shaping San Franicisco
Foxconn, the world's biggest contract manufacturer, employs more than one million people in China alone, working for Apple and many other brands. Foxconn's workers, the iSlaves, face horrendous working conditions while producing iPhones and iPads. In 2010 a series of worker suicides at Chinese Foxconn factories drew world-wide attention. The situation has not changed much since: instead of improving conditions, Foxconn accelerated the relocation of factories to the Chinese hinterland, and still ...
Keywords: China; Foxconn; Apple; iPhone; iPad; iSlave; iPod; working class; class struggle; strikes; riots; protest
Downloads: 21
[audio]Unsettlers: Migrants, Homies, and Mammas in the MissionMay 8 2013 Unsettlers - Shaping San Francisco
In Adriana Camarena's new work the most precarious residents of the Mission are the central storytellers. Theirs are historic tales of Californian daily life: Indigenous migrants on their day off from construction or cooking on the line, watch movies inside their shared group apartments. Parents, raising children in the Mission, fend off poverty by working hard, with the result that their dutifulness sometimes translates into absence for their kids...
Keywords: Mission District; gentrification; displacement; Homies; Migrants; immigration; mothers; sorrows; gun violence; drugs; crime
Downloads: 39
[audio]Art & Politics: Rebar, April 24 2013 - Shaping San Francisco
In recent years, much has made about the opposition between urban strategies and urban tactics. One is supposedly rooted in technocratic control of the city by a planning elite, the other is the response of artists and activists determined to reclaim the right to an environment generated by, and for, citizens themselves. Rebar has explored this territory through tactical urban interventions -- both sactioned and unsanctioned -- but is also interested in going beyond the simple opposition between...
Keywords: design; tactical urbanism; urbanism; public space; park(ing) day; intervention; art; commons; cooperation
Downloads: 32
[audio]Chinese Whispers - Shaping San Francisco
An evening of stories and discussion about the impact of the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act (which wasn’t rescinded until 1943!) on the Chinese American community in San Francisco. This infamous legacy was both subtly woven into community cultural life, and overtly demarcated social and geographical boundaries. Chinese Whispers, a research and storytelling project about the Chinese who helped build the American West, will present excerpted stories from the Bay Area which reveal the deep impact of ...
Keywords: Chinese; Chinatown; Exclusion Act; racism; community; borders; identity; language
Downloads: 83
[audio]Designing Resilient Landscapes March 27 2013 - Shaping San Francisco
What history teaches us about San Francisco and the Bay-Delta Estuary Ruth Askevold and Robin Grossinger from the San Francisco Estuary Institute present their amazing historical maps and discuss their groundbreaking work in "forensic ecology," which is contributing to restoration efforts and galvanizing public attitudes around the Bay. Derek Hitchcock also joins the conversation to discuss current restoration efforts he is engaged in on the Napa River, as well as contextualizing the Napa with ...
Keywords: San Francisco Bay; coastline; landfill; shellmounds; dikes; berms; riparian corridors; restoration; Napa River; Yuba River; creeks; rivers; forensic ecology; historic maps; rising oceans; climate change
Downloads: 66
[audio]Asias Unknown Uprisings March 13 2013 - Shaping San Francisco
The 2nd volume of George Katsiaficas's monumental study of Asian Revolutions, this provides a unique perspective on uprisings in nine places in East Asia over the past five decades. While the 2011 Arab Spring is well known, the wave of uprisings that swept East Asia in the 1980s became hardly visible. Katsiaficas relates Asian uprisings to predecessors in 1968 and shows their subsequent influence on the wave of uprisings that swept Eastern Europe at the end of the 1980s...
Keywords: People Power; Uprisings; Asia; Philippines; Burma; Tibet; China; Tienamen Square; Taiwan; Bangladesh; Nepal; Thailand
Downloads: 30
[audio]Pier 70, Transforming 19th Century Ironworks to a 21st Century ... ? - Shaping San Francisco
Ralph Wilson, Jasper Rubin, and artist Wendy MacNaughton in a wide-ranging critical look at the history and plans for the oldest industrial buildings west of the Mississippi River, the launchpad for much of the U.S.'s imperial fleet in the late 19th and early 20th century. Increasingly derelict over the past few decades, but still home to the last drydock in San Francisco, big plans are afoot. Join critics, analysts, and artists for a closer look.
Keywords: Pier 70; San Francisco; waterfront; shoreline; Union Iron Works; Bethlehem Steel; shipyards; docks
Downloads: 31
[audio]Revolution Of Everyday Life - Shaping San Francisco
With translator Donald Nicholson-Smith. There is a grain of truth in the stereotypical view that Guy Debord and Raoul Vaneigem, as two leading lights of the Situationist International, stood for two opposite poles of the movement: the objective Debord versus the subjective Vaneigem: Marxism versus anarchism: icy cerebrality versus sensualism: and, of course, The Society of the Spectacle versus The Revolution of Everyday Life --the two major programmatic books of the Situationist International, w...
Keywords: Situationists; Raoul Vaneigem; Donald Nicholson-Smith; France; radicalism; Debord; Society of the Spectacle
Downloads: 142
[audio]Catastrophism: The Apocalyptic Politics of Collapse and Rebirth - Shaping San Francisco
From editor Sasha Lilley's essay: "By its very nature, capitalism is catastrophic. There should be no doubt that the multiple social, and especially ecological, crises of our time are genuine and cataclysmic. We are suggesting, however, that politics embedded within the logic of catastrophe â that the catastrophe will deliver a new world, or that it will create the conditions under which people automatically take action â do not serve the left and environmental movement...
Keywords: Catastrophism; catastrophe; apocalypse; end times; doom and gloom; fear; politics; right-wing; left-wing; environmentalism
Downloads: 81
[audio]The Tigers of Market Street: Butterfly Habitat along a Busy Urban Corridor - Shaping San Francisco
Not long after the transit tunnels of Muni and Bart went in below Market Street in the '70s, a San Franciscan butterfly â the Western Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio rutulus) discovered an ecosystem freshly lined with one of its larval food, or host trees: the London Plane sycamore (Plantanus acerifolia). Males fly among the treetops, females lay eggs on the leaves, caterpillars feed and pupate, and adult butterflies emerge...
Keywords: butterflies; Tiger Swallowtail; London Plane trees; Sycamores; riparian corridors; canyons; urban habitat; species; Better Market Street
Downloads: 43
[audio]Old City Hall: Corruption & Racism in 19th Century San Francisco - Shaping San Francisco
Glenn Lym presents an architectural and political history of the 27-year project of building the original City Hall, a building that fell down in the 1906 earthquake, revealing deeply inadequate and corrupt building practices. Meanwhile, when contruction began in the 1870s, the white working class was raging against capitalism and the Chinese in equal parts, providing the impetus for the 1882 federal Chinese Exclusion Act...
Keywords: Old City Hall; San Francisco; architecture; earthquake; 1906; Workingmen's Party of California; racism; anti-Chinese; Union Labor Party; James Phelan
Downloads: 178
[audio]Planning 4th Street: Remaking a San Francisco Corridor - Shaping San Francisco
Josh Switzky, Steve Wertheim, John Elberling and others look at the effort to redesign and rethink the 4th Street corridor as it becomes the new north-south subway route. New public spaces are being opened in the many underutilized alleys, while the demographic shifts of SOMA continue apace.
Keywords: planning; SOMA; tech economy; jobs; upzoning; subway; 4th Street
Downloads: 10
[audio]Clarion Alley Mural Project 20 Years On - Shaping San Francisco
Established in 1992 by a volunteer collective of North Mission residents, the Clarion Alley Mural Project (CAMP) was directly inspired by the mural cluster in Balmy Alley focused on Central American social struggles. Over the past two decades artists of all ages and levels of experience representing every social and ethnic group have created over 350 pieces on this one block street. Fresh from celebrating 20 years at the Clarion Alley Block Party on October 20th, CAMP collective members will tal...
Keywords: alleys; murals; art; politics; volunteerism; gentrification; cooptation
Downloads: 19
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